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January 11, 2014
Facebook Marketing must focus on user interaction even more

The times are long over in which managers of a Facebook Page mostly had to pay attention to rising Like-numbers. Those who want a post on a page to reach as many users as possible should be aware that these posts by now means in the newsfeed of every user who ever clicked “like” on a Page. Surely it’s not a coincidence that Page managers get informed rather importunately upon login that Facebook has the tools and means to make a post more visible and to target it to segmented user groups if only a few dollars out of the marketing budget are invested. However, the more fans a page has, the more expensive this can be.

There’s no doubt that Facebook’s possibilities for paid marketing campaigns are quite useful, but there are also ways to boost a post that come without the need to foray into the cashier’s desk. The magic word here is “EdgeRank”. This is the algorithm by which Facebook determines which contents are most interesting for a user and only those will be shown in his newsfeed then. Thus, it’s decisive to work into this calculation and one of the most important parts of this is the element called “affinity”. Put into easy words this means nothing fancy, just that a user shows Facebook with his comments, likes, shares and every kind of interaction with a page that he is indeed continuously interested in this page. With every interaction the value for “affinity” in the algorithm grows and this makes the probability increase that the Page’s next post will show in the user’s newsfeed as well.

Applying this knowledge means: When something really important, like a new product or similar, is supposed to be promoted, then this should be prepared by publishing a series of posts before, which  bring a good deal of user interaction. Open questions inducing answers in comments, sweepstakes or something similar help to achieve this. All users liking something like that or participating via comments will almost certainly then also see the one post that was intended to be widely promoted.


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