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How can I improve my online sales numbers?
There is no way around online marketing if you want to strengthen your brand image, get attention for your products or improve prominence of your company. But there are endless possibilities for online advertising - so what are the best options? Where and how do I get the most attention for my product, how do I strengthen my company´s brand image, and what placement works best to make my name known better?

Why is my website ranked so low in Google´s results?
We will answer this and other questions for you. Our program encompasses the whole range of online marketing. We always start things off with a thorough analysis of what you already have online and a definition of the goals you are pursuing by your internet marketing efforts. Based on this, we develop an online concept for your company, optimize your website for search engines; place, coordinate and monitor your campaign and make sure that the online sales channel becomes a pillar of your business.

What do I need Facebook for? Do I have to be on Twitter?
Depending on your market environment and your goals, we will focus on general online marketing, on a  social media based campaign or on a mixed use of both channels. You will be excited to see how many opportunities there are online to put your company into focus - and how little you actually have to spend for that.

Our services are available as a one-time commitment or in the form of continued, out-sourced image- and marketing management. Just contact us!

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