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Why is my competitor’s website ranked so high in Google?
Google and other search engines seem to know a lot. But in reality, Google actually has no idea whether you or your competitor offers the better product or if your customers are more satisfied than his. The algorithm to calculate search results is very complicated and attempts to influence it can not only fail and go south but can even lead to a downgrade of a wesbite in a search machine’s index - which may mean very tangible revenue losses for companies.

How much do I have to invest to be found immediately?
Here are the good news: It’s often not so much. Many of the steps that can be taken towards an improved search ranking are things that can be done on your own website. We will do this optimization of your website for search engines on your behalf and we reach an even higher potential by taking strategic and tactical measures outside of your website. These steps are summarized in the term search engine optimization, in short SEO. All that is a little complicated, but doesn’t have to be expensive. And for you, it will pay.

What about online advertising?
A complete, promising strategy also encompasses targeted advertising. Especially in the context of search engines, advertising makes sense, because almost all online purchasing processes begin with a search at Google & Co. Together with you, we will define the search strings and keywords for which you want to be found and adapt to your budget. The same strategy can, depending on your industry, also be aoolied towards advertising in social networks.

Search engines and their results are at the center of all efforts taken to increase website visitor numbers and thus for more online sales and higher revenues. Influencing this major factor thus is the single most important thing to do for your internet success  - and we will show you how to do it. Just contact us!

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