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Facebook? Isn’t that the place where little substantial is being said ?
Sort of, yes. But where people talk, there they come together. Facebook today is one of the world’s most successful websites handling almost as much daily traffic as Google does. Hundreds of millions of users all over the world visit Facebook on a regular basis, that´s a reach even the best marketing campaign cannot achieve. Especially for companies acting globally, it is more or less mandatory to be present in social networks and there are also a number of ways to target specific regions via social media.

But doesn´t Facebook have a bad reputation?
We do not implicitly recommend a Facebook presence for all industries. However, it should be noted, that Facebook, Twitter and a few other social networks have long ago ceased to be just virtual playgrounds and have in many countries grown to be accepted as totally regular means of communication which have also made the jump to mobile phones. Within our common definition of your online strategy we will determine, if and to what extent which social networks should be used to reach your goals. We are also consulting you on the use of  Google Plus, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Vkontakte, social bookmarks, blogs and many other possible channels.

Okay, I am in. So how do I do that?
Being present in socialen networks requires a certain commitment from companies,  a willingness to maintain the page and to offer something new and engaging to visitors and most of all, that they don´t understand this new communication avenue as a one-way street. Depending on the strategy chosen, this can be a rather large task. Being present in social media requires being alert to communication opened by customers at any given point. We offer the management of your new or existing social media accounts on your behalf and under your direction so that you can take care of your core business. Just contact us!


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