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Back in the day, we did business without a website, too!
Yes, and before that, business was possible even without a phone! So would you relinquish one today? A website can have a multitude of roles, it can be business card, communication channel, marketing tool, development platform and many other things. It is therefore a curious fact that many freelancers for example - lawyers, doctors, therapists, accountants -  often do not have their own homepage, although it is a proven fact, that people will be much more likely to decide for a service when they can get some information up front. We will create your own website according to your wishes and in accordance with applicable law for your profession.

Doesn’t this mean a lot of additional work?
Not for you. We will set up your website and your presentations in social networks, take care of regular updates and about optimizing your web presences for search engines. If you want us to fully represent you online and xommunicate with your users on your behalf, we also have a service plan for you. All this will of course always happen in close coordination with you and in accordance with the online strategy we have defined together. You will always remain in the driver’s seat.

How much do I have to invest?
All this is surprisingly cheap for you - and pays many times over by the marketing effect it causes. Your own website and internet address will cost you less than 200 Euro per year - and the rates for our services you may determine yourself, depending on the range and scope of tasks you need us for. Just contact us!


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